Inside {Sage Leaf Studio}

{Sage Leaf Studio} is a modern boutique with unique hand-made goods.

My name is Julie Gunn, and pictured to the left is my daughter Sage, and she is the inspiration for all of my studio products. Prior to the creation of {Sage Leaf Studio}, I’ve always been interested in sewing, designing, photography and anything creative. When I had a baby, it opened up a whole new world of creative possibilities, and I became addicted to creating unique items for Sage. I figured why search for designs like these, why not make them! Shortly after, I decided to start up a studio and share my creations with other parent’s and their little ones. Our products make great gifts too!

{Sage Leaf Studio} is constantly evolving and creating product, so if you have any questions or want to get in touch with us please do! You can get ahold of us at Thank you for visiting {Sage Leaf Studio}!

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