Now that the new year has hit, Valentines isn’t that far away and so I’ve been working on some bright and bold Valentines inspired designs.

These one-of-a-kind wool felt & fabric designs come in a Large and new “mini” size for little ones.

Here’s a peek at the {Sage Leaf Studio} mini-size.

You can check them out here at the updated new & improved hairbands page. Enjoy!

You’ll also notice a few other changes at {Sage Leaf Studio} this month. We have an updated logo & site. Hope you like it!

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{Cute} as a button.

Well, you may or may not know that I love to accessorize! One of my favourite accessories are earrings, so I recently decided to experiment with making my own earrings, and before I knew it I had made a collection to add to my shop. Another great thing is that these aren’t for little one’s but adults!

For those of you familiar with {Sage Leaf Studio} products, you’d know that another thing I LOVE are buttons! So, of course I jumped at the opportunity to incorporate buttons in these. These earrings are made out of 1/2″ buttons covered with designer fabrics. I’ve used surgical stainless steel 10mm earring posts on these so they are truly one-of-a-kind and of the utmost quality!

Hope you like these! These are now available on the new page here. Please note – I do not mass produce these. When I say one-of-a-kind I mean it! I only make one of each typically to post for sale so first come first serve!

~Julie @ {Sage Leaf Studio}

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Savour the Satin

Introducing my latest collection of {Sage Leaf Studio} designs…

These are comprised of layers of elegant satin hand-cut flowers topped with unique  embellishments,  and backed by wool felt leaves. I’ve stepped up the quality of my materials in these designs, and are loving working with wool felt, and high-quality satin.

I’ve started with some smaller versions of these, and so these are available for little ones; however, since every design can have any size of hairband these are available in adult size as well! You can see the designs available here.

Any questions, you can get in touch with us at info@sageleafstudio.com. If you aren’t a fan yet, check out our {Sage Leaf Studio} Facebook Fan Page.

Thanks as always for your continued interest and support!

~ Julie @ {Sage Leaf Studio}

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Sweet Sweet Spring.

Spring….how I love you!

I’m sure I’m not alone on this – but when Spring arrives, I think we all get excited. Who doesn’t love the arrival of Spring? I get giddy when I start to see Spring clothes out in the Winter just knowing it is near!

So, of course Spring has arrived also at {Sage Leaf Studio}.

These new designs are inspired by the colours of Spring, and what I am already seeing in the stores in home decor, apparel and of course accessories. Soft purples, light greys, and yellows. I’m loving yellow right now, and actually are working on a few more yellow designs to add to my selection.

Here’s my little one in the “Sunny Bloom” hairband, and a close-up.

Here’s the soft purples in the “Pretty Purple Trio” hairband. Special thanks to End of the Road Photography for the model pics!

Of course, these colours are also great to match any Easter outfit you may be waiting to wear! Here’s Sage as she gets ready for Easter. Thanks again to End of the Road Photography for these model shots!

The designs pictured above and some others I have added are now available on the Hair Bands Page.

Any questions, as usual I don’t bite, so please shoot me an email to info@sageleafstudio.com. I’d love to hear from you!

Coming up….I’ve got some exciting ventures in the works….two hints: Adult + Bridal! Stay tuned, and if you aren’t a fan already and you want to get sneak peeks, and have a chance to participate in GIVEAWAY’s get on over to my facebook fan page: www.facebook.com/sageleafstudio

Thanks as always for your continued interest and support!

~ Julie @ {Sage Leaf Studio}

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Introducing: The {Sage Leaf Studio} Peek&Chic Cover

Well, I’ve always planned on having Nursing covers as one of my key products, and I have finally managed to complete the design, and start having these up for sale! I’m calling these “Peek&Chic Covers“, because they allow you to peek down at your little one while nursing, and of course what mom doesn’t want to be chic? Thank you to our facebook fans who helped brainstorm some creative nursing cover names. Love the ideas, and I think “Lactation station” was one of the most creative names…ha!

Now, I know a nursing cover can be a bit controversial, but here is the TRUTH: I like many others do want to have a little privacy when breastfeeding. That is my personal choice, and I know several people that have the same preference. My nursing cover and I didn’t spend much time apart actually, it was one of the key things I had on hand, and I was always out and about, and had no problems feeding anywhere. I also found that a nursing cover was dual-purpose as my little one started to become not so little and anything and everything was a huge distraction, and nursing ended up taking a long time just to get a full feed! So after trying a few nursing cover brands I figured out quickly what the best features are, and so I bring you the…

{Sage Leaf Studio} Peek&Chic Nursing Cover

Here are the features of the cover:

  • Rigid Neckline (this is a must in my books!) so you, and only you can “peek” down and see your little one as you feed
  • Great Coverage (Approximately 23″ x 32″)
  • Silver D-Ring feature so it is completely adjustable
  • 100% Designer cotton – I hand-pick the fabric patterns, and typically only make one of each print.
  • Double Topstitching
  • Fabric is pre-washed, so it is ready for you to wash as many times as you need to
  • Coordintated drawstring bag (as pictured below) for you to hold your nursing cover and a few other small items (approximately 10″ x 6.5″)
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable (this product is not lined intentionally to ensure that it is breathable!)
  • Multi-purpose – I’ve often draped my nursing cover over my stroller for nap time, and as a blanket if I didn’t have one
  • One-of-a-kind & Made with love! I don’t manufacture, or mass produce these.

I will be adding “ready-to-ship” sewn covers as I go, and so make sure to check back and/or become a fan on facebook to see when these are added to my shop. Have a specific theme or design preference? Let me know by sending me an email to info@sageleafstudio.com. Let’s chat.

You can go to the Peek&Chic Cover Page to see the current selection.

~Julie @ {Sage Leaf Studio}

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Pedal, Cruise, Repeat.

Just imagine…the fresh air, the wind blowing in your hair, the fact that you are actually enjoying some exercise…yes, all is good when it is BIKE weather. I’m ready for Spring, are you? I bought a Townie bike a few years back, and I LOVE it. I could throw on my flip-flops, ride with a latte in hand, groceries in the basket, and to be honest a big smile on my face.

Aside from my own love, I have spotted numerous decor & apparel items that have bikes of all kinds incorporated into their designs lately. Bikes are just plain fun – it appeals to people of all ages…really who doesn’t know how to ride a bike? So, I thought it would be great to develop a line inspired by these two wheel’ed friends.

~ Julie @ {Sage Leaf Studio}

Have you also seen our new Decor by {Sage Leaf Studio} line? Click here to read about it! Take advantage of sneak peek’s and GIVEAWAY’s! Become a fan of {Sage Leaf Studio}: www.facebook.com/sageleafstudio.

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Introducing: Decor by {Sage Leaf Studio}!

Well, it was inevitable….I love decorating my home just as much as accessorizing my little one! So, I’ve added a new product offering…
“Decor by {Sage Leaf Studio}”!

For my first Decor by {Sage Leaf Studio} item, I’m featuring: Bunting banners! What are bunting banners you may ask….well, in my case they are reusable pennant flags that are sewn together to be hung up just about anywhere. If pictures speak more than words, here you go!

Where can you hang it?
From the ceiling, across windows, walls, cupboards, stairway banisters you name it. Just about anywhere you have space you can hang it.

And when would you use it?
Well, anytime really! Throw out those streamers, and if you are really into party planning and decorating it up, these bunting banners can be made in the appropriate colors and act as one of your main pieces of decor. Think Birthday parties, baby showers, anniversaries, graduations, and weddings. Oh if only I was planning another wedding…I’d use these everywhere – such as behind a candy or dessert table,  or strung across the ceiling in the venue in my wedding colours. OR, these would be lovely for every-day decor too. I could see these in the nursery, kitchen, living room, and just like the best home decor accessories these can be moved anywhere easily and can hop from room to room as you please.

Here are some other added benefits:

  • Completely reusable, and who doesn’t want something reusable, yes this world already has too much garbage!
  • Double sided, so you can hang in the center of the room too and it’ll look great from both sides
  • Each banner string is approximately 90″ long, long enough to string along a big space, or swoop around to create another row on a smaller space
  • These can be tied anywhere and there is approximately 12″ of trim at each end to do so
  • 100% cotton
  • Designer prints
  • Pennants are approximately 8″ long by 6″ wide, but for custom orders I could make them smaller or larger if desired
  • Dual purpose – use it for an event then place in your home (or vice versa)
  • Hand-sewn by me with love & care!

I’m working on more PRE-MADE (ready-to-ship) ones, but if you are looking for a specific colour scheme or theme I have a CUSTOM offering as well. You can send me a note at info@sageleafstudio.com, and we can chat about what you’d like, and I’ll see what I can do!

Feedback is always welcome! I’m very excited to broaden the {Sage Leaf Studio} product offering and to launch these! You can check out the Decor by {Sage Leaf Studio} page by clicking here.

~ Julie @ {Sage Leaf Studio}

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Love is in the air.

Well, December is over but I’m already thinking of the next holiday! And the upcoming holiday isn’t even this month, but hey I like being prepared. So, this post is all about VALENTINES DAY!

Are you a Valentines day lover or hater? Yes, Valentines day is full of overpriced flowers, a shortage of dinner reservations, and of course all this gushy love stuff…BUT, no matter how you typically spend Valentines day, it is a day to stop and tell that special someone (or someones) in your life how much you care. Sometimes we don’t stop and do it enough, so no matter how crazy it can get I think of that day as a friendly reminder to do so.

To get in on some of the Valentines day fun, I have of course made a few Valentines inspired accessory or two. One thing I for sure LOVE is accessorizing!  Just like all my designs, these are only inspired by Valentines day and can really be worn all year round.  I have recently added a size option too, and I can make hairbands to fit newborns all the way up to adults!

{!} A special thanks also to End of the Road Photography for the professional model pics of Sage!

You can check out the limited designs on the hairbands page. Happy Valentines, and more designs to come shortly! Stay tuned!

~Julie @ {Sage Leaf Studio}

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Flying into the New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR from {Sage Leaf Studio}!

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays! It was definitely busy for us, but I enjoyed every minute spent with our family and friends. It was Sage’s first Christmas, and so that made it extra fun for us to have a little one around.

So, time to get back at it and this week I have been inspired by these new blue bird hand-made buttons I ordered in early December. I decided to hold out until the New Year to create some designs for these, and I am glad I did! I love birds, and I decided to play with a few new designs over and above my trademark leafy and flower designs. These styles are limited because as per the majority of designs there are only one of each design!

Here are shots of all the new designs…

Feel free to leave me a comment on this blog post and let me know what you think!

Also, I’m doing a GIVEAWAY once we hit 250 fans on Facebook. Tell your friends about the {Sage Leaf Studio} Page! The more the merrier, and the facebook page is the BEST way to get sneak peeks of what may be coming, and all other news!

Looking forward to 2011!

~ Julie @ {Sage Leaf Studio}

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Snappy Clips with a {Sage Leaf Studio} Touch

I’m excited to announce one of the latest offerings – SNAPPY CLIPS. My daughter Sage is now 8 months old today, and so in addition to hairbands which I continue to love, I wanted an option that would help with those long bangs in her eyes. So, I started to clip back her bangs with these silver snappy clips. They are secure, easy to sneak into her hair, and I found that many of my smaller hand-made buttons looked adorable on these.

These are sold individually because really is there a need to have two of the same design? Yes, it’s nice to have a back-up if you lose one, but I thought it would be more fun to be able to have more dollars spread against different designs. Here’s Sage wearing one recently.

So far I’m playing with a few different designs. For several of these, I’ve included two small felt leaves and a hand-made button. I haven’t necessarily tried to cover the entire clip with an embellishment or some other fabric because I realized that I liked the look of the silver clips peeking out. I have also created a small selection of designs where the clip is covered. Here’s one pictured below….

On this design a hand-made unique button is hand-sewn to a felt straight-stitched leaf. I’ve then securely sewn these to the clip on both ends. The clips I am using are approximately 2″ long and work great for fine and thick hair. Here is a picture showing the back of the clip.

Some of the other designs currently available…

Check out the hairclips page for the full selection.

It’s not too late either to get some festive accessories for your favourite little one!

I’ve created a limited selection of some Holiday inspired designs and these were popular at the event I was at recently. These are ready to ship, so if you order soon I can get these in the mail quickly to try and get them to you for the holidays!

There are also a few Holiday Inspired hairbands still available too! Grab them quick before they sell out!

All feedback is welcome, and I hope you like these!

~ Julie @ {Sage Leaf Studio}

P.S. Are you a {Sage Leaf Studio} fan yet? Be the first to find out about new designs, and giveaways!

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